2017-08-27 16:32:21 by Template88

Thanks for the follows guys, even though I'm pretty sure most of you are inactive now. 300 is still a number.

Lets see, what have we been up to? I'm working on a SHMUP with some glorious members of Artchat. While it is pretty decently far along in production I'll be dropping some screenshot/gifs and such when its yet a little more along.

Should be pretty decent.

See ya around.


Want to connect?~

2016-10-07 11:29:55 by Template88

I've got a tumblr and a twitter, as well as an art chat on both skype and dischord, and I like to play overwatch and hearthstone alot. Lets connect and do something sometime, I'm always looking to meet new people.

Not currently open for commissions, but art trades, requests and collaboration ideas are always considered.
I'm interested in being apart of a card game, SHMUP, or artillery game more specifically, but if you've already got a game but lack art assets for it, hit me up and I'l see what I can do to make it look better.

Starting up art reviews again.

2015-10-24 14:59:01 by Template88

Remember any criticism I give you is in fact applied to my own regimen. I am not perfect either, I dont expect anybody to be. I am trying to help you be better at what you are trying to do.

Remember even cartoons and anime use anatomy, so dont try to hide your works flaws behind a style, you might fool regular folks but you wont fool your peers.

On facebook?

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So am I! Like my page and get you some commissions.

Yes. Good. Excellent.
How are you today?

Follow/check out my tumblr or find my art thread on newgrounds for more up to date arts.

Anatomy wall of shame(update 1)

2013-01-28 11:13:54 by Template88

These artists go above and beyond the call of attempting to draw people without understanding anything about the human body. Due to the immense popularity of their artwork (mostly horribly drawn smut catering to 12 year olds) they no longer have the ability to objectively see their own work and thus are trapped forever as not so secret laughingstocks of the art/illustration community.

Cheers and enjoy. I'll add more as I find them.
oh my goodness how can he not see how his figures look? Hes been doing more of the same. He is still exactly the same.
Autism at its finest. No change all.
Actually not a bad fellow to talk to, but his female figures are the 9/11 of female figures. Every time I see one I want to kill myself. It seems as though shadman is trying a little harder now, though his figures still lack alot of some basic anatomy construction he is going all out in other areas, and he has always more or less been a hard worker so he gets some points there for that. Hurray.
His well colored figures fall flat as symbolism rules this artists mind/phallus? and any semblance of anatomy or sense goes out the window giving way to boring (but popular) fetish material. He could be so much better. This guy actually makes me feel bad for what he could be.

Wall of glory big breasted anime women done right! an unsung hero, stylized figures with an impressive array of knowledge underneath the forms. gorgeous knowledge is gorgeous this guy should really be more known around here. Oh hey, look at what a little anatomy and pride in your work can allow you to do.

Give to me the hate.

Anatomy wall of shame(update 1)


2011-09-13 03:11:34 by Template88

I command the shadows....