Anatomy wall of shame(update 1)

2013-01-28 11:13:54 by Template88

These artists go above and beyond the call of attempting to draw people without understanding anything about the human body. Due to the immense popularity of their artwork (mostly horribly drawn smut catering to 12 year olds) they no longer have the ability to objectively see their own work and thus are trapped forever as not so secret laughingstocks of the art/illustration community.

Cheers and enjoy. I'll add more as I find them.
oh my goodness how can he not see how his figures look? Hes been doing more of the same. He is still exactly the same.
Autism at its finest. No change all.
Actually not a bad fellow to talk to, but his female figures are the 9/11 of female figures. Every time I see one I want to kill myself. It seems as though shadman is trying a little harder now, though his figures still lack alot of some basic anatomy construction he is going all out in other areas, and he has always more or less been a hard worker so he gets some points there for that. Hurray.
His well colored figures fall flat as symbolism rules this artists mind/phallus? and any semblance of anatomy or sense goes out the window giving way to boring (but popular) fetish material. He could be so much better. This guy actually makes me feel bad for what he could be.

Wall of glory big breasted anime women done right! an unsung hero, stylized figures with an impressive array of knowledge underneath the forms. gorgeous knowledge is gorgeous this guy should really be more known around here. Oh hey, look at what a little anatomy and pride in your work can allow you to do.

Give to me the hate.

Anatomy wall of shame(update 1)


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2013-01-31 14:11:29

Haha, this cracked me the hell up. :D Good job. :P


2013-02-01 09:39:09

Ha, I used to be like that... and now i frown at other people who should have stopped :D


2013-02-06 12:48:15

making sexy female charaters is sureway get popular, that why they are everywhere
but i dont mind them

Template88 responds:

this isnt about drawing sexy characters this is about drawing an abomination and not being able to see that its not even human, let alone "sexy". To draw a sexy female you need to know what a female looks like first.


2013-02-11 09:57:42

o right then, my mistake


2013-02-18 12:44:23

I can see where you're coming from.


2013-02-23 19:12:15

haha well you definitely have a point and perhaps the style of the above dudes is unreal but it works for them, nevertheless seeing your drawings (that look human-real for me haha) makes understandable your deception i guess, so i support you ;) haha


2013-02-25 19:50:55

just because everyone's art style is different, doesn't give you the right to be a cunt about it
Did it ever occur to you that thats how they WANT their art to look? or are you from some fourth world country where everything has to be how you say it has to be?
Leave them alone cunt bag

Template88 responds:

The way they WANT their art to look is "sexy" or "attractive". They are failing utterly. For many reasons.
Unfortunately humans are hard wired to see unhumanlike/humanlike characteristics manifested almost instantly in everything they look at. Thats why we can see a face in a rock or a pancake.
However the opposite is true as well, we can see that a monkey isnt a human because it doesnt have the anatomy or facial characteristics of a human being despite it being human shaped. Vaguely.

There's a threshold for "is convincingly human" and these artists fall far from it with their horrendous figures. It has nothing to do with style.
It does amuse me that you mention style though considering you yourself are just another run of the mill wannabe anime artist. I guess you think you are special and unique though. You've got to see the big picture here, not the small one.


2013-03-01 18:34:14

Every time I see TheShadling's stuff up on the Hot Art page I kinda feel like pulling my hair out. Then I have to have a long critical thinking session and I always, ALWAYS come to the conclusion that that's what Newgrounds is about. Hell, I'm more likely to click on stuff with boobs and an M or A rating in the thumbnail, too, and I'm a straight chick. If I wanted to be part of a more hoity-toity art community I would focus on Deviantart. Oh, wait, I forgot that on DA Deathnote cosplays are worth their weight in platinum. I guess the art niche I'm in is always going to have a 'meh' fanbase. But anywas.

It does raise a question, which you hinted at-- if they were less popular with the sticky-palmed inhabitants of Newgrounds, would they be more driven to increase the quality of their art? There's no doubt these guys are always improving, but when your hormones and fanbase are screaming for glossy blush'd-breasted hotties are you really going to try to concentrate on your technique? When I grew out of my porn-art stage I realized that the answer is a very loud Fuck No. I had to sit on a block of ice in order to get any artistic studying done.

I guess if I were to be an art snob about it then I would say that porn art is about only the most sexy body parts (no shit). A lot of effort goes into making the breasts, mouth, ass and crotch all look appropriately slick and plump. The lines that connect these body parts (lets call them the Sexy Four) are less important, o'course, because the artist's and viewer's eyes are always going to be concentrating on the Sexy Four rather than the bits you can't put your dick into.

This urge to draw all the four best cuts of a hunk of woman-meat can also cause the artist to make a hard choice: focus on fewer parts and get a less spazzy drawing, or say fuck it, let's twist and contort this woman's anatomy like she's been packed into a briefcase so we can see AAAALLLLL the best bits.
So I guess if one were to wring any advice out of my big rambling speech, it would be to read a goddamned anatomy book and to settle on three or less of the Sexy Four body parts.

But I have to stop spitting jealous paragraphs now, I have to go read the Shadlings Lezzing of Korra because dat shit it hot


2013-03-05 19:18:11

damn shadmans anatomy is fucking awful and most of his shit is mainly offensive just to be offensive
i dont know how all these prepubescents can jack off to his feces but newgrounds found a way


2013-03-06 19:34:32

to defence of speedosausage; he did used mouse those draw all his work so it is hard to do it right. and second he is just messing around , i dont think hes taking hes art style seriously
but on other ways i do agree with you , espacily on shadman & fatelogic , cheese those twos anatomy drawing is making me sick... but then again i dont think they ARE supposed to look realistic. i mean its an cartoon. take a look at "jessica rabbit" for example her anatomy is fucking immposible but since she is a cartoon character its fine.

... but what about my garbage? i am i also like those...because i do try to stay on real anatomy as much as possible...well as much as i can that is...i still need to learn alooot of body anatomy...espacily the males...


2013-03-07 05:43:17

I appreciate your honesty but on the other hand I accept and tolerate that people draw for different reasons even though I share your opinion in some points. It's horrible how many artists and media fall under your points of critique but we probably shouldn't take it that seriously. It is up to us to make the difference after all, right?

Template88 responds:

Yes sir, and I choose to make my mark by not accepting shitty art and being a dissenting voice in a sea of LOOKS GOOD MAN KEEP IT UP.


2013-04-06 23:20:30

Though I do agree many artists have their anatomy and such wrong, I find it very silly of you to point out other peoples flaws when I notice you, along with every other artist, have flaws and a style that someone else won't like.

Everyone cannot cater to a person's liking because they point out a flaw or two.

Template88 responds:

Unfortunately you are confusing "style" with anatomy.
Please educate yourself on what anatomy is.


2013-04-06 23:23:13

As well, it's best not to bitch about others art, for it just makes everyone think you're a jerk and people will find you unlikeable. Point out the positive things in the art AND the negatives in a less "I know what I'm talking about, and you're below me" way that you've came across when reviewing my art work (and certainly many others).

Template88 responds:

If no one ever says anything to you but "looks good, keep it up"
why would you ever improve?

I would rather EVERYONE think I was a jerk than me giving people buttpats for completely shitty work. It makes the craft look bad. Aspire for more, always keep improving.

Im not sorry but in your case I do know what I am talking about, and you specifically -are- below me on the "art quality" rung. I find little to nothing positive in your work, if I did I would do as you say and mix some positive with some negative but your forms lack any semblance of structure whatsoever.


2013-04-08 13:26:15

You know, reading your reply to me and others actually made me alter my opinion, there need to be people that do what you do.


2013-04-08 13:56:33

Please, people who come here because I've commented on your artwork, understand this point first...



2013-04-08 14:21:52

I am amused and I agree. Carry on.


2013-04-10 20:42:43

Theshadling's "art" is very disgusting :(


2013-04-15 15:38:04

I like the style and art of theshadling; for the shading, details and lighting effects but anatomy is a little weird, maybe he disguises all defects in the anatomy With all That magic...
speedosausage i only like the animation and parodies but hes art is blergh


2013-04-16 12:52:36

I like the short guide at the end...this is why I normally prefer to draw creatures because I'm always super critical of my own anatomy work (it's frustrating when you are building a 3d character and have to literally build a muscle system that effects the characters skin). I think maybe once I finish my current art challenge I'll do a 2D one...


2013-04-17 02:48:25

I could curl up and sleep in this post, it feels so right. The artists you mentioned, I have followed and reviewed for some time (except for jettyjetjet, found him just recently and am enriched by his presence here).
What you say is all excruciatingly true, and I thank ya. Might PM you some more offenders for your analysis O_0


2013-04-18 12:44:19

Number 1 is definitely the best.


2013-04-21 00:16:59

yeah um i get your attitude about not caring if you come across as a jerk when critiquing here, but just saying Fatelogic is autistic isn't going to benefit him at all, he's going to see it as a 10 year old tr011 4ch@n hax0r XD comment and get on with his day, his art not affected by the statement at all.

And I am of course critical of my own art, I know its full of proportional flaws, and I have been trying to improve wether it looks that way or not, same can be said for any of those other artists. I don't know why you would assume we aren't now just because we're a bit popular on the internet or whatever. Our art will only improve significantly from negative reviews that go into specifics about whats wrong and why, don't expect any of us to become Michelangelo's overnight from saying "ur artz = 9/11 LOL"

And I get style and anatomy are 2 very different things, but style is going to be what influences the anatomy in the pic which is why no one complains about works by the likes of Picasso or Dali being anatomically incorrect (no, I'm not comparing a bunch of amateur hentai artists to those guys, just making a point) So I'd always see style as a more important factor than anatomy.

sry just my 2 cents bye u can lay in2 me now or whatevz

Template88 responds:

Thank you for the sane well thought out reply. Admittedly calling Fatelogic autistic is quite politically incorrect and inappropriate but it is a sign of my frustration with artists like him...and you. Please take this as me saying this with all the kindness/respect i can muster... but if your idea of trying to improve consists of drawing the same thing in the same exact way every time, I am afraid you do not understand the concept of how to improve at all. From my perspective this is exactly what you do, what you continue to do and what you have been doing for quite a long, long time. This works out for you somehow, and you remain a popular artist through some mysterious internet powers, which lends itself to you feeling content with your art, because nobody will complain to you about it apparently. This leads me to my second point, in a world where I instead of making a smarmy comment about your figures in my journal made a complex detailed report about what was wrong with them and how to improve as a review in every thing you submitted, why would you listen to me? You have a horde of people showing you everyday that they like what you do. You yourself seem pretty satisfied with your art, or else you would change it, and you know what thats fine, if you like your own art and why should I dictate what you should draw like? Do you see why somebody like me telling you how to improve would not do anything to help you? The problem lies within the cycle that you are trapped inside.


2013-05-27 17:53:12

i guess im committing a lot of art crimes then

Template88 responds:

I wouldnt say so, youve got a non standardized sort of cartoony thing you are doing... I also dont really know what you mean about art "crimes". Its not a crime to make bad art and have horrible anatomy, its just really silly when you dont know when a human female looks like and yet its all you draw. My main point in this journal entry is that people should look at people, especially women in sexual positions first, if they want to draw said women.


2013-05-27 17:54:49

also having this whole 'yeah haters come at me haha faggots' 'your bad anatomy makes you autistic!!' doesnt help you make your point

Template88 responds:

I like to be overly vigorous in my assessments regarding horrible art. Is this mature? No. Does it make me feel good? Yes. Is the art still horrible? Yes.


2013-06-07 23:37:05

I doubt I'll add anything new or insightful to this post but here goes. As I'm sure you know, exaggeration is part of making cartoons charters. Take for example the purple hair one next to your name; who can realistically stretch their mouth back to their eye or above their nose? I like the smile but its not realistic. Artist often learn by looking at others art, but without good references you either wind up repeating what everyone else does or with girls that look like boys. JettyJetJet is a good reference, but like you said unknown. Also some are motivate by what pays.

For the" Maximun powaaah"picture, the right arm hides one of your points, that being the small waist line is burred together with the right arm, thus making the gap look like a glare on body. The glare line (or garter hook) on the left leg enforces this. I'd recommend, right arm be in the air like the left arm. Or those really are glares in which case my mistake.

Template88 responds:

Theres a difference between exaggeration, style, cartooning, and a blatant total disregard to what a human being looks like. I draw the line at "has no human muscles or bones".


2013-06-08 17:50:28

To be honest the people you slated as autistic/laughingstocks is your opinion entirely, some of them are very successful, and i personally do not care if anatomy is exactly correct to real humans, it can be stylised, without variations and quirky originality everything becomes a bit black and white, wrong and right, art should not be about that.

Template88 responds:

Their success isnt in question, they wouldnt be on the wall if they werent successful. Stylization is different than ignoring anatomy entirely, and mistakes like that are not quirks, its just shoddy art.
Their success is the main reason why they dont improve at all. Its funny how it works like that.
Their popularity is based entirely off of the subject matter and not on any actual artistic aptitude, which is fine, except when you are me and you hate horribly drawn pornographic figures.


2013-06-09 13:55:20

Well then, each to their own i guess.


2013-07-17 11:18:11

There's nothing wrong with ignoring anatomy entirely. Look at the fucking classics. Look at what it means to be a cartoonist. Also, cut the shit and either stop being so jealous or just come out & say it.

Part of the reason they're all so damn popular is because of the disregard for anatomy & ridiculous exaggeration. This is why we like them. You don't? Well shut the fuck up & move on with your life like an intelligent human being. Because of this attitude you have, you've pushed potential fans away from YOUR work. So yeah...brilliant post. :b

Template88 responds:

Cartooning does not involve ignoring anatomy. Do you know what anatomy is or what it means? What 'classics' are you referring to? Even old fashioned noodle people animation retains consistent (exaggerated) anatomy. Theres nothing wrong with exaggeration of anatomy, make huge swollen breasts is different than drawing two circles and putting two smaller circles in them for nipples, thats symbolism, not anatomy. Its what a child does when it draws.


2013-07-20 17:45:31

No offence but john K. Ralph Bakshi and even the great Richard Williams draw boobs messed up sometimes, just look at their work. Ralph Bakshi and John K. for sure, they may get them right most of the time but people are only human.

Even Richard Williams said he didn't do the breasts right for Jessica rabbit in Who framed roger rabbit, one of the most sexiest cartoon women! (Next to Holli Would from Cool World) for natural reasons!, saying "making them move naturally wouldn't be sexy enough".

Now I know you're talking about art and not animation, but my point being, is that you don't have to take into account perfect anatomy as long as you're achieving what you wanna achieve. that's where style comes from.

Template88 responds:

I think its important to note the difference between drawing art, and drawing pornography. Is pornography art? yes. But it is also illustration. Illustrations have a purpose, and pornography's purpose is to get people off. To do that you need to make your pornographic figures relatable to humans. To do that you need to instill your subject with humanity, human aspects, such as anatomy and realistic human gestures. Those are literally the only 2 things we have at our disposal as artists to make a figure look human and have it relate to us at all. Everything else is in the air. Without one of those two things the figure does not look right to us, its a distracting -error- that is not part of a persons style and it is immediately obvious to us when something is wrong. I'm not asking for perfection on either of those two things, they are difficult things to master. I am however asking for people in the pornographic field to at least -attempt- to capture some essence of humanity when they draw something for the purpose of humans to masturbate to, be it human gestures in a cartoony but stable and sensical style as Jab! does, or the more anatomy oriented Hentai works from japan. The style isnt important.


2013-07-21 17:52:53

@Speedo when he said "but just saying Fatelogic is autistic isn't going to benefit him at all"

I've legitimately critiqued him in the past.

Spedmallet: It could definitely use some work. The first thing I noticed was that the hips were very under-pronounced. Second the breasts were slightly too high and a bit unnatural looking. Third the legs are overall disproportionate- thighs too big, knees too small.

Fatelogic: Sadly, I don't agree with you at all, but I appreciate the intention pal.

So now I just treat him like the autistic faggot he is.


2013-07-21 17:54:17 ruel-revelation

Template88 responds:

augh, my soul.


2013-08-07 10:16:53

I understand the point you are making but i think you are way too overzealous and its pretty disappointing to see an artist be so cruel to other artist by putting up a "wall of shame".

Thats one thing i noticed as soon as i started submitting to newgrounds,
generally artists do not rip on other artists,

and no offence, this is not a cheap shot at you or anything like that but i have looked through your artwork and you need some practise on anatomy yourself, probably more so then most of the artists on your "wall of shame"

i hope i havn't offended you too much, i just had to get that off my chest

(Updated ) Template88 responds:

Criticism is part of being an artist. Some critics are very subtle, some are not. Some are extremely rude to get their point across. Simon Cowell cant -do- anything worthwhile, but it doesnt stop him from slinging shit or being right most of the time about who he is being an asshole to and why. I love how meek and sorry you seem about the idea of telling somebody that they need to improve at something, this is why horrible people exist, because nobody will tell them how bad they are. You shouldnt baby people, they wont think you are serious. I know I have alot of work to do on my own art, I do need to work on alot more than just my anatomy as well. I admit that, and try to improve. You should see my NG art thread. The artists on the top part of the wall see nothing wrong with their own work, they have lost the ability to. They dont change their approach or try to make anything better the next time, it is always the same thing the same way over and over.


2013-08-08 07:50:20

i was tempted to just rip on you but i think i'll go the other way and be nice.

Simon Cowell is paid to do what he does, he was hired to sling shit on people, its all for show.
You called me meek and other artist horrible people, do you really think that is the way to go about it?
You can criticise without so much hate, its easy to be nice, you should take note of the Buddist quote

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

in other words if you present your constuctive criticism in a nice, polite and respectful way,
people like the shadling wont tell you to "get your head out of your arse", they might just show you some respect and spread some happiness into the world.

(Updated ) Template88 responds:

I dont really comment on artists as people. Who they are is not important to me. I will not comment on shadmans pedophile gore and what kind of person it would take to enjoy getting off to it, or any other subject matter, that's for other people to complain about. It isnt important to me and doesnt factor into my judgement of their work. What is important to me is having some baseline standards for illustration. Particularly pornographic illustration involving human bodies. So no, I do not call artists horrible people, I call them horrible artists, or having really ridiculous mental tendencies to ignore reality when it comes to their art. I'll let the friends unfortunate or fortunate enough to know them judge them as people. Regarding you, I see no problem with calling you meek for not giving me real honest criticism, you wont even really tell me what you think, instead you are watering down yourself to 'be nice'. That doesnt help me. It doesnt help anybody. The people on my list are not really interested in improving, their years worth of art that looks exactly the same as it always has is a testament to this. Constructive criticism is wasted on them. The wall exists regardless if I had made it or not, you think other artists aren't aware of people like these and don't constantly make fun of them in private and public places? They do. Looking at bad pornography for laughs is like a past time for alot of us. I want these people to get better. Shadman seems to be applying himself to get better. Nobody else is.


2013-09-08 11:58:02

Ah the grand irony.

So it seems your major anatomical gripes are not those of strange positioning or awkward angles, because god knows you use those enough:
Jaded Adventuress's matrix back bend and hilarious attempt at foreshortening with the sword.
Noire's bizarre standing position in Noire and Onis
The left space ninja's impossibly awkward sword slash pose and the right pirate's mid air splits in the space pirates vs space ninjas picture.

Nor does it seem to be against overblown male musculature or proportions, because again:
Ork Berserker
Machias: Stone Artisan
The large horned guy in Character studies.
In Fact, basically every male character you have is disproportionately massive and bulging,even the covetous spirit who some how manages to be massive and bulging with nothing but a giant swollen head.

No, it seems that you have a particular type of gripe, name that of females with, how should we say this..."expanded" proportions. Fair, it's true they're not really anatomically correct unless they're Brazilian girls with implants; but here's the thing: the fact that you seem single-mindedly obsessed with calling people out on this, combined with your own insistence on drawing a particular body type makes this all seem like self loathing driven projection.

The Grand irony I spoke of here is that you are by no means an anatomically correct artist. Your anime eyes, exaggerated mouths, often slightly too short legs, your strange posing and "Muscled-via-bicycle-pump" men, they're all examples of your own failings to come anywhere near what your screaming criticisms demands. And yet you feel the need to browse newgrounds, attacking the popular and the unknown with equal bitterness.

I won't try and guess where this sort of behavior comes from, since it could be anything from a desperate attempt to reenforce your own fragile ego to legitimate attempts to provide criticism that simply come off as bile and arrogance. But I do wonder about why you feel the need to post things like this, if only because , by posting it, you draw attention to your own work, and it's lack of adherence to the principles you so viciously attack others for not following. A strange act indeed.

(Updated ) Template88 responds:

You seem to be an intelligent individual, so I'm sure you are aware I never claimed to be a great artist or a master anatomist. Those things you say about my art are true. My own scathing gripes are applied to myself before they are applied to others, it would be very silly of me if they weren't. I have many weaknesses, one of them being a pretty incorrect away of drawing gestures, proportions, perspective, anatomy, color, all the flaws in the fundamentals you can think of I probably have in my own work. I see them, just as you see some of them. I am working on it, and I ask you to not judge my art wholly on what you see on Newgrounds. Newgrounds is an abysmal place to post artwork for any constructive feedback, so these things -are- rather dated. Most people cannot see what you see, and even if they can they dont care enough to say so. The success of these artists is not based on the quality of their artwork, which im sure you know.

The popular pornographers here cannot see their own flaws, they have lost the ability to, or they do not care about improving anymore because they already make money doing work at the level they are at. They have a willful ignorance concerning criticism for the most part and its not doing the people around them any favors. The cycle just serves to reciprocate buttpats for poorly done art.
This post serves as a lone beacon of "Hey I see your work and I think its garbage and so do alot of other people, they just don't care enough to tell you." It's also for my amusement as well, admittedly.

There is no irony you see, my gripes are not even based on anatomy, its more complicated than that. I expect no one to be a perfect anatomist, I expect no one to be perfect at gestures, composition, ect. I do expect people who have influence over budding young artists like these popular people listed, to be responsible and have some pride in their work by having a commitment to improving themselves to raise the quality of art as a whole, so when I see some kid with a quote like "I'll be the next Shadman." they wont be aspiring to be drawing completely broken inhuman figures. Its also about effective illustration, which is what pornography is. Pornography is not usually Art. Its art, specifically illustration. A woman spread eagle with her tongue sticking out and her anus where her spine should be is not an effective piece of pornography, and stuff like that offends me, not because of the subject matter, but because of the willful disregard to even attempting to make it look human.


2013-09-08 23:13:36

Ok, being critical of other people's art is fine, giving them suggestions on how they could improve themselves is just fine, but with this attitude you have, all the name calling, taking the time to compile a comprehensive list of anatomy offenders, that's just, I don't even know what to call it. Sad? Sure. The saddest part is that you're totally right most of the time, but with that attitude you got, the people that you're critiquing probably mostly just blow you off and don't actually take what you have to say into consideration, thereby completely rendering your comments useless. Personally, I wasn't put off by your review, but I came here and saw what kind of stuff you belt out, and it just made me sad. We're supposed to be a community here, but that's impossible if there's jackasses like you running around. If you want to see people's art improve, be professional (and maybe improve a little bit yourself). Now again, I'm not saying this cause I'm butthurt or mad, I'm just sad that a fellow artist would take so much time just to make people feel bad about their art when you could just as easily still give the same critiques without being such an asshole. I totally agree about Shadman though, that guy really needs to learn how to draw tits.

(Updated ) Template88 responds:

How much of the journal and comments did you read? Your concerns are probably put to rest if you read the comments. These people cannot use constructive critique anymore, that's a core part of the reason why they can never change. Thats why they are here. I gave you a fair and honest review because you are not like these people, you have the capacity to learn and listen to people still because you havnt become hopelessly lost in the money or in your fans. Yet. You seem smart though, I hope that kind of thing never happens to you.


2013-09-10 01:00:43

*Sighs* it's a shame there's no board for "All Time Bitch". Then again competing with you would require a lot of work.

It's alright to have your own interpretations of artwork, its also nice to give some friendly advice. But to make a board devoted to trashing and criticizing other artist is really a bitch thing to do.

I mean, have you look at your own work? I seriously think you have no right to be commenting on other's when you yourself are in need of improvement. Your elf girl for example, you claim you messed up on her boobs nothing about the pencil neck or that she looks like a creature from a horror show.

All the people you bashed Shademan, Fatelogic and many others have far more talent then you do and far more supporters.

Oh, and don't worry about my feedback I'm just giving you a "friendly review" like you did to them.

(Updated ) Template88 responds:

Read the comments. Also, I never claimed to be friendly to anyone so i dont know why you are quoting that as if it has some inherent meaning..... straw man some more.


2013-09-10 05:40:39

Hold on, I have a question. You keep saying that the only thing that would make a drawing sexy to a person is if it was relatable to real life people, but what if someone (like myself) is honestly more attracted to cartoon characters that have whacked out anatomy, like Adventure Time, than real people? Wouldn't that just make your argument fly out the window? I'm honestly just curious.

(Updated ) Template88 responds:

You are probably attracted to the sexual gestures the cartoon characters have, which is human body language, one of the two things artists can use to make a figure that relates to human beings. Its the only way completely inhuman things can still convey a message we can understand without expressly saying what their intentions are. Things that have no relatable human qualities have no logical reason for making normal people sexually aroused, as theres nothing to get aroused about.

A photo of a rock on the ground might get some rock fetishists off, but it wont get Timmy off, unless the rock looks vaguely like some breasts, or the rock curves in a way that reminds him of a woman in a sultry pose.

Never underestimate the power of gestures, they're even more important than anatomy at making an effective illustration. Its something we both as artists would do well to work on.


2013-09-10 21:38:53

You are the angriest feminist I have ever seen on NG.

(Updated ) Template88 responds:

I dont think angry feminists would appreciate the way I draw female figures any more than I appreciate the way these guys do.

So what are you even talking about? I dont think feminism means what you think it does.


2013-12-25 11:40:17

Hiii I bookmarked this.
I agree with everything. This is actually motivating me to learn proper anatomy, can you believe it? I don't know any sources, so I just stand in front of a mirror and try to remember how my hands, knees, neck, waist, ribs, back look from different sides and when bent at different angles. The hardest are knees and elbows and hands - they morph REAL hard even at slightest angles of bending or turning.
Also the problem is that I'm a fucking male *laughs*. And I can't record certain poses (not sexual, don't worry), especially from the back, using a mirror (and it'll take a hell of time to find those poses elsewhere).
So I'm thinking about slowly going from a mirror to some other sources. Do you know any?
About shading/perspective - I'm expecting these to somehow get learned on their own, during the process.

Template88 responds:

Working off of references is one of the best things you can do to learn how things actually look.

google image search is pretty helpful too, though i suggest 'acquiring' art books that are specifically about human anatomy any way you can.


2013-12-25 13:51:16

If I see an art book somewhere I'll buy it!

Template88 responds: here man. probably stuff that will last you years.


2013-12-26 07:57:31

I don't know if this me bring overly positive, but I think they can improve if you give them enough criticism and encouragement. Although there are definitely people who are really stuck the way they are. I personally try not to insult any stranger's art style even if it's horrible beyond comprehension and induces vomiting every time I see it since I feel like it would not accomplish anything. Not that I'm condemning this kind of action of yours since it's funny and entertaining. I won't judge you the same way I try not to insult other artisans.

Though I must say and be honest that the people on this wall have a dreadful sense of the female anatomy so much so that I might want to cry and curl up into a ball. I don't get why they try to make attempts at over sexualizing their art like this. I can't tell if this is genuinely arousing for some people but for me it is just completely strange and quaint. I'm speaking a bit like a hypocrite now. Haha.

Template88 responds:

It really just boils down to the mentality of the person. Think about it, if you had throngs of people telling you your stuff was great, what would you make of the couple people telling you stuff about improving your art? You would just think they were haters or jealous. For some people its completely hopeless.


2013-12-31 13:15:15

You know, I agree with your taste, I'm not a fan of shadman's work, as well as many other artists that go too far on distorting anatomy while not grasping how it works, and while I think a bit of sexualization can even be fun, too much of it kinda gets disturbing. I really like distorting anatomy, but I believe you need a grasp at how anatomy works before going too far, lenlen's work is an example of how you can distort things without making them looking disturbing.
But as someone who likes drawing ''sexy'' stuff, and isn't a master at anatomy, I do feel like I need to make a stand here. Anatomy is tough, and not everyone who destroys it is doing it on purpose, recently I tried giving some tips to someone who's art was bothering me, and he was very grateful and did use the thing I say as ways to improve. I feel that many artists on this website just need a bit of criticism and help to improve, no matter how long they've gone without making a change to their style. You're in the crossroads between being a really good example to rookies, and being a mega bitch. Instead of flaming overrated artists on how they don't try to improve and don't listen to criticism, why don't you try giving tips to someone who does?

Template88 responds:

Whenever the opportunity sets itself up for me to do so I do! I love helping people learn to draw better.


2014-01-01 19:05:49

Why would you post something like this, say that you know hate is coming, and then acknowledge it? You obviously did this for the attention. I can see many anatomy flaws in your work as well, but you learn and you get better. Instead of insulting these artists, try being mature... or at least acting like it.

(Updated ) Template88 responds:

read the posts under this if you want. i dont have time to get in depth with a response like this.


2014-01-03 01:37:06

Takopako's Two Cents! : While it is an "In Your Face" approach, i believe that your endeavors are well justified, as well as me, at least. Not only am i reminded that I need to stay the hell on it, when it comes to my anatomical studies, but it's a reminder that even the more popular people(on newgrounds and everywhere) dont necessarily have it all together. It sends a great and necessary message of just focusing on bettering the art, whether you're a new artist or not so much.

All of that to say, if i ever get mildly popular(which isnt likely, but that's okay), and get stuck in the loop of everlasting mediocrity, it would certainly be more of a boon, than bane, to be a part of such a list.

Also i love you. but that is another story.

(Updated ) Template88 responds:

I wouldn't worry about it, mediocrity is always a thing, but it takes a special kind of person to get stifled by their own ego (not that these people in particular are all stifled by ego, but you get what I mean in a general sense, right?). You seem like you have your ducks in a row. Keep on doin what you do.


2014-01-11 20:07:17

if u no like tits toggle adult filter lol
problem fixed

Template88 responds:

not the issue here. you missed the point of the post.


2014-01-14 13:50:51

Hahaha, i agree, i always thought the first three drew females really weird, (with so many people praising him i always thought i was the only one that thought shadman drew girls weird), the fourth one i didn't know. But really i cannot laugh at them because i'm as bad :(


2014-02-17 18:54:36

I'm bound to agree with you, but I love poorly drawn smut! I don't really think the point is to be anatomically correct...just saying.

Template88 responds:

well its fine if the effect is to be funny, but its poor craftsmanship if its supposed to be taken seriously.


2014-02-26 20:04:39

I'm gay.


2014-06-14 06:41:01

best. guide. ever.